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She may take a few minutes to think about it or just say no straight away. This line is funny, and whether she’s heard it before or not, it’s still always good for a laugh. ” It’s quite confronting, yet funny, and even if she says yes, she still might give you a chance because she thinks you’re funny, so it’s a pretty fun (and shocking) ice breaker.

Then you simply come back with, “well it’s enough to break the ice.” Hopefully you get a giggle and can then introduce yourself and start some small talk. Walk up to your cute gal and, in all seriousness, grab your shirt and ask her, “Excuse me, do you know what material this is? If she hasn’t heard it before, she’ll be confused about the original question and laugh when you give her the answer, or if she has heard it and you’ve been very smooth and charming, you can laugh it off and apologize for the cheesy line but tell her you just wanted an excuse to talk to her! You can have a laugh and make some introductions or say something like, “Oh okay, I was just checking.

To use the service, kids phone a toll-free number and make a recorded greeting that includes an ID number.Could you spare a few minutes for me to hit on you?” And you never know, she might let you know later on that if you tried, you wouldn’t get slapped.Here are some great Pick Up Lines, some slightly cheesy (good to get a laugh from her if you do it right), that have been collected from a range of sources and have seen success: 1. Approach a woman, ask her how she’s doing and what her name is, then introduce yourself as “The Perfect Gentleman” and ask if you can buy her a drink. Girls love to be complimented, especially if they’ve spent hours in the mirror trying to look good. Even better if you’re a little coy or shy about it, like you’ve had to work up the courage and you’re putting yourself out there, but you’ve gone for it cause you thought she was worth the risk. “Drink until I’m good looking” If you’ve got a little extra cash to splash and you’ve found a woman that you really think is worth getting to know more, you’re pretty sure she’d give you some time and you’re almost certain she’s single (some form of recon mission might have to first take place), this is a fun one to try.Then you might want to say something like, “Oh some people also call me (insert name here).” The rest is up to you! With this you’re aiming for charming with just a hint of cockiness, but don’t go overboard and make it sound like you’re God’s gift to her. ” This one is a little riskier and leaves you a little more vulnerable, but deliver it right and use it on the right girl (one that doesn’t look too serious), and it could be a winner. “Hi, you’re really pretty.” They say flattery will get you nowhere. Approach your target, you may choose to introduce yourself first, or just simply ask if she’d mind doing you a favor.

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