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Weep no more, woeful wiener, weep no more, Your hero races ‘cross the grassy floor Like Trojan prince, his legs a mighty sloop, He roves, sniffs ass, and rustles up some poop.”Meanwhile, there is one of those awkward silences.“Dido …

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This a passing tale old happenings I’ll only hear second-hand or read.

I think of you passing through handsand dictating the fall fashions of absurd fantasy!

Poor wiener dog, the god commands, You silly wretch, forbear!

But Dido’s way Won’t be deterr’d; she’ll neither sit nor stay.

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  1. Yes you can even bring those plagues onto others around you just like in ancient times, all because you are thining in your heart/attitudes that a non-Adamic person is desireable to mix with / adulterate.