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Karen and David's son Josh misbehaves at nursery, leading David to blame their nanny, Ramona (Jacey Salles).Adam and Rachel discuss moving in together but fall out after an argument over whose flat to live in.Adam and Rachel move into their first home together but he soon moves out when he discovers that she is secretly married.He starts sleeping at Pete and Jenny's but is forcibly evicted to give them room with their new baby.He returns home and meets Kris (Lennie James), Rachel's husband, who she has invited up to Manchester to sort out their divorce.Adam puts up with Kris for a while but eventually pays him £500 to go away, asking him to promise not to tell Rachel. Adam is disappointed when Rachel tells him she also paid Kris £500 to leave.All six episodes have been released on VHS, DVD and internet media formats.

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Bullen embellished the scripts with events from his own personal life.

The directors and producers made additional contributions, with the intent to keep the fiction in the programme as true to life as possible.

The series was filmed in Greater Manchester in the first half of 1998, using Granada Television's studios, and exterior locations.

Critical reaction to the first episodes was negative, with many reviewers not liking the characters and finding the comedy drama format unusual.

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He gets the keys to a charity shop from a friend and they sneak in after closing time.

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