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Mom got the cloth diapers in the 26x27 in size and the pink diaper pins and sewed the diapers together to make one diaper out of them.

She got a pair of white,adult size rubberpants from a website in medium and the tee shirt at Target.

In March 2010 and completely out of the blue I started having minor accidents at work which only got worse over time at first I dismissed it as a one off but then the shit hit the fan big time and I was left with no other option to go to my doctor's for a consultation and to find out what was causing it, after numerous tests they finally came to the conclusion it was all in my mind something I refuse to accept.

I know this may not have anything to do with a getting although I have been accused of having one by people who don't know me and this hurts because I get teased and bullied something which really depresses me even more, So much so I tried to commit suicide fortunately I was stopped before I could do any real harm to myself.

Now you may be trying to soothe yourself by this old association with that early stage of development.

Many people come to accept this attachment and don't view it as a "disorder" or even a problem.

Please if anyone could help please don't hesitate to get in touch although keep in mind I live in the UK not the USA. To Jenny-I also made my First Holy Communion when i was 14 and my parents went all out for it!

She then pinned the diaper on me,pulled the rubberpants up over it,then put my tee shirt and lace socks and shoes on me.I walked down the aisle with the little girls and boys and could hear the rubberpants crinkling under my dress!Two years later at 16,i was confirmed and had to wear a formal floor length white dress and veil with tights and white shoes,and my parents put the diaper and rubberpants on me again under the white tights!It may be a way to resolve any early life experiences that may be related.Take Care, Ben Update 2017 My Best Recommendation for working on issues around shame, guilt, addiction or unwanted attachment to diapers in adulthood, would be Amate Growth Work - a very deep and transformational process that effectively resolves unfinished parts of childhood development so that you can reach a feeling of emotional strength, personal power maturity, and peace.

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Ben's Answer: The compulsion to wear diapers is what would be called a diaper fetish.

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