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Later she tells me, 'I was in Dubai recently and people were like, "Oh, The OC! " And I was like, "You know, it's like all the way around the world."'Bilson breaks off for a costume change.

'Hi, I'm Rachel,' she says with a warm smile, politely offering a hand.

'We worked well together.' It's a new chapter in Bilson's career: her first film as a leading lady and, if you believe the rumours - and read anything into the delicate jewelled H dangling at her throat - the beginning of a new romance.

"' recalls Bilson, placing a capacious Zac Posen handbag on the garden table before settling down to a makeshift picnic at the end of the photo-shoot. I did a couple of scenes with Hayden and, yeah, it worked out well, you know,' she says, smiling.

'Cute' is the word that's paired relentlessly with her on the acres of internet real estate devoted to her. But the actress has recently appeared eager to cast off the fluffier trappings of her on-screen persona.

In her debut film role, The Last Kiss (2006), she played a sexy siren hell-bent on seducing Zach Braff's troubled father-to-be, shedding all but a miniskirt and some flesh-coloured 'pasties' on her breasts for a steamy love scene.

' 'I had so much fun playing her,' says Bilson, who shares her former character's southern Californian sing-song intonation and syntax (her speech is peppered with 'likes', 'you knows' and 'sort ofs').

The role of Summer was initially envisaged as a fringe part, a foil for Mischa Barton's lead character, Marissa Cooper.

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