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lolol ( ~ We were gonna play by ourselves~ lolol You’re going to mention what you discovered earlier, right? But even so, it looks as if she was a crucial part in building that organisation… ☆彡(ノ^^)ノ☆彡ヘ(^^ヘ)☆彡(ノ^^)ノ☆彡 Congratulations!! I decided to just finish Day 4 in one post instead of splitting them as I kinda forgot to stop halfway…Oopsie : U From here on, if you are on your casual story, you will branch out into either Yoosung’s, Zen’s or Jaehee’s route.I WILL ALSO BE DOING THE SAME FOR JUMIN’S ROUTE – I’M IN THE DEEP STORY ROUTE; I CAN’T GET OUT ;; I was thinking about what you said to me earlier.. Shouldn’t you explain to the RFA members about Saeran now? This post contains all bad ends that are contained inside the game and I will also add in bad ends for any new DLCs that come out as well.

that’ll be better than sitting around doing nothing. Still, don’t you think there will be something he can help with?

As for what’s next: once you complete Day 4 you’ll (hopefully) be locked into a specific route, and every chat can potentially will earn you favour with the object of your affections.

Check each Mystic Messengers character’s individual route chat schedule for Days 5 through 10 (no spoilers! Alternatively, check out our full Mystic Messenger character route walkthroughs for total guidance specific to endings for each character. Just one more time for emphasis, you don’t need to action every chat to get a good ending, even when you’re chasing a specific route. Although you can earn hearts from Jumin and 707 in Casual mode, these character routes are only available in Deep mode.

Please note that, in case it wasn’t obvious, this guide will contain spoilers.

There are two types of Bad Ends: Story and Relationship.

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Think of these hearts as free points to convert into HG rather than affection ratings.

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