Advice for young men dating older women

She knows what her first husband lacked, and she knows what she’s looking for in a man now.Chances are, you’ve got everything on her list in spades.

You want to have all of those solid qualities that come with maturity, but you also want her to forget about the age difference. Make light of some of her youthful expressions, ask her if she has a Justin Bieber poster on her wall when she starts bouncing to the music — just have fun and be playful with your younger woman.

Don’t be running and snapping to assist her like a servant, but try to do everything a gentleman would surely try do for his lady.

Most of all, give her your sincere respect and attention.

You want a woman whose company you can enjoy for many years.

You don’t have a year or two to waste on foolishness and frivolity, and you want to preserve and protect your assets for the family you already have, and maybe for a woman who is worthy of being the new love of your life.

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And none of us has actually said that we like each other.

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