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Arora Hotels made a planning application to Mid Sussex District Council, proposing to convert the building into an internment camp for refugees.

The planning application was approved on 24 March 2011.

The UK Border Agency Detention Centre in Pease Pottage is an internment camp for refugee families with children, who are awaiting deportation.

The building, now named ‘Cedars’, was formerly occupied by Crawley Forest School.

For more about the role of G4S in the UK Border Agency’s mistreatment of children, see this article .

The site is reported to be leased by the Home Office from Arora Hotels, the owners of Crawley Forest School. The new camp takes on the functions of the family unit at Yarl’s Wood, which closed in 2010.

Up-to-date information about the detention centre can be found on the London Noborders website.

The Medical Justice Network has published a well-documented and comprehensive account of the physical abuses suffered by detainees, both adults and children, at Cedars detention centre.

The children’s charity, Barnardo’s, was approached to provide some care for the children in detention.

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