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The game’s story is set in a universe reigned by the Astral – a dangerous and volatile magic substance that split the world, solid at one time, into separate islands – allods.

The patch brings the Aoidoi race into the game as well as a new raid adventure, a journey back to the Planar Rim, the new political system goes into play, the Trial of Blood, new Astral Allods and Time Distortions and much more. They come to this world in bodies of adults, bearing an impressive amount of knowledge.Aeds have innate Psionic abilities that allow them to trade places with enemies as long as they are within line of sight.This HOWTO guide explains how to easily fix the “corrupted version” error when installing / upgrading Allods Online without having to download files manually or from sources you’re not sure are safe.It brings a number of new features and content into the game including artifacts, the Gladiator Games, Pegasus mounts, the Minotaur's Labyrinth, Collector's Sets and much more.You can get a brief glimpse of all the new content in Creation in the video or by visiting the Allods Online site.

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