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To me, felt awkward as a teenager or in relationships?But the way the storylines execute their punchlines and morals doesn’t seem to provide a lot of room to create those connections.What’s more, they talk about Sam as if they don’t have anything in common with him and at times appear to present their son’s autism as a tragedy.In contrast, Sam’s school counselor can be seen giving a lecture about a patient of hers who spent the entire session time coming up with 95 ways to cook an egg.Having a conversation about autism with someone who isn’t a medical or disability professional is nearly impossible. Because our media loves stories about autistic white men, but hates using actual autistic adults when creating these stories. Though the show aims to bring the topic of autism to the forefront, Netflix did not confirm whether there were concerted efforts to include autistic writers, creatives, or actors in any large roles.Onscreen representation isn’t the same as behind-the-scenes representation, especially if that camera-facing depiction is flawed.Sam not understanding any of his date's nonverbal cues, for instance.Cringeworthy physical comedy isn't one of them.

(They were not official consultants on the show.) Yet that isn’t the same as talking to an autistic person about how they view the world and giving them the platform to present their point of view — an opportunity that is so rarely granted to them. The CDC also reports that in the United States, 1 in 68 people have been identified with autism spectrum disorder.

It should be noted that showrunner Robia Rashid told that Anthony Jacques, who plays Sam’s friend in one episode, has autism.

Rashid also said that several crew members have autistic family members.

This is the crux of ’s comedy, but there’s nothing that funny about turning someone’s disability into a punchline.

Near the end of the first episode, we see Sam on a date with a girl.

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  1. 'We dated for three years,' says Bilson, adding swiftly, 'I don't talk about my personal life but I guess it's in the past, so it's fine. 'But we were really good friends and we're still, you know, really, like, respectful of each other. 'I had to do stunts, which I've never had to do,' says Bilson.