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Clooney has courted some of the most beautiful women in the world: actresses, models and yes, cocktail waitresses.

The question really is, who has he NOT dated over the years.

Clooney's two-year relationship with Italian model Elisabetta Canalis has ended and he moved on to Stacey Kiebler.

Who would have guessed that Clooney would have married Amal Ramzi?

But they have been able to tap into a relatively unmet and growing demand: traditional yet tech-savvy and well-educated Saudis who need help finding a spouse.

As she consistently delivered suitable matches, she developed a solid reputation as the community’s go-to matchmaker and was entrusted with the young people’s futures.Cofounder and CTO Rakan Nimer built the algorithms that enable the matchmaking.The one used on sign-up (before learning about a user by what they say or do) is a custom algorithm that is based on what they’ve learned over time about who prefers talking to whom, and partly on advice from a psychologist.The list of the women Clooney has hooked up with is impressive!The man definitely gets around, but then again, wouldn't you if you were George Clooney?

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