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Armored cars were not designed or equipped to take on enemy tanks, but a chance encounter gave the crew of an American armored car a chance to take out a German Tiger, the most feared tank of the war…Waterloo was one of the most dramatic and decisive battles in history, but like most battles occurred in the midst of a larger campaign.Indeed, through their numerous exploits and long term of service, the Varangian Guard is one of the most famous corps of mercenaries in military history.Beginning in the late eighth century, Swedish Vikings, known first to the Finns and then Eastern Slavs as the Rus or Rhos, made their way down the rivers and estuaries of Eastern Europe in an attempt to establish trading links with the Byzantine Empire.Running from Justinian in the Komnenoi makes this book feel very much like an imitation of Haldon's The Byzantine Wars, a work of such succinct erudition that not only is good imitation unlikely, it is currently unnecessary.

I found the plates to be a nice addition, although some which showed the country around some of the battle sites (most particularly, Manzikert) would have been nice.

By the end of that fateful day much of the Byzantine army was dead, the rest scattered in flight and the Emperor himself a captive.

As a result, the Anatolian heart was torn out of the empire and it was critically weakened, while Turkish power expanded rapidly, eventually leading to Byzantine appeals for help from Western Europe, prompting the First Crusade.

Outmaneuvered by the Turkish sultan, Alp Arslan, Romanus was forced to give battle with only half his troops near Manzikert.

By the end of that fateful day much of the Byzantine army was dead, th In August 1071, the Byzantine Emperor Romanus IV Diogenese led out a powerful army in an attempt to roll back Seljuk Turkish incursions into the Anatolian heartland of the Empire.

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  1. If the two of you decide to take the next step, you’ll probably go out for dinner. * At dinner, remember that you are in a very equal country, so don’t expect him to pay. * Not all of them descend from the Vikings and are tall, blonde and incredibly handsome …