Celebraties dating younger

The words “click-clack BLAOW” are onomatopoeia for a gun cocking a gun and firing it, so this could be indicating how serious he is and what kind of level he is at.

The circle game in the music industry is essentially a circular path the Illuminati take with music artists.

The above verse refers to the ‘higher-ups’ who control the music industry.

Again, he is speaking metaphorically, referring to the higher-ups with their “balcony” implying their high level and all-seeing position.To gas somebody up is to confuse or trick the person, and as many of you already know, beans give people gas.I’m not too sure who Eminem refers to as being tricked, but it could possibly mean the media will feed the public more beans and therefore ‘bloat’ them with lies and fabricated stories about Eminem in the future.Eminem’s drug addiction became strong when his best friend, De Shaun (aka Proof) died.Eminem was still taking drugs, such as sleeping pills well before his friend’s passing. There is a period of quickly alternating shots showing him in a messy, disorganised basement which presumably represents his home and then him on a rooftop where he stands dangerously close to the edge.

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As Eminem continues walking, he looks into a car window and sees a reflection with a distorted image of his face.

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