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Its major product lines are marijuana and opium poppy, grown mainly in the Sierra Madre del Sur, mountains in southwest Michoacán; crystal methamphetamine, produced in clandestine laboratories in and around those same lush, rugged mountains; and cocaine. Three million dollars was not that much money to them.

In addition to their quasi-religious fervor, La Familia’s public broadsides often have a political cast.In fact, the local headquarters of the federal police had been attacked in July by La Familia fighters using assault rifles and grenades. La Familia had been incensed, it was reported, by the arrest of one of its leaders, and then by a bloody, failed attempt to spring him from jail in Morelia, the state capital.I passed that building, which is still bullet-pocked, windowless, scorched, and abandoned, one morning in a taxi. He added that two federal officers had been killed. They had attacked federal police stations in eight Michoacán cities.Two days later, it emerged that they had also kidnapped, tortured, and murdered twelve federal agents, leaving the bodies in a pile beside a highway with a handwritten sign: “Come for another.We will be waiting for you here.”Among Mexico’s drug-trafficking organizations, La Familia is the big new kid on the block.

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In Zitácuaro, at the eastern end of Michoacán, La Familia is the hated occupier.

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