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There is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers.

Continue Reading Smith and Wesson's Sigma Series automatic pistols have both the serial and model numbers stamped on a small plate on the bottom side of the frame at the front of the gun.

I have broken them down by color and pattern, for the most part.

As a busy mom, you tend to make your morning routine as efficient as possible.

It’s not all chores, either: there are a handful of cheats to shift your perception of your home on your return.

I have approximately 1200 flies that need a good home. Having good habits in your morning routine to keep your house tidy can certainly make that difference.That bed that needs making, for example – sure, you can always crawl under a dishevelled duvet at bedtime, but if you’ve taken sixty seconds in the morning to make the bed, plump the pillows, and even lay out your pyjamas, that inviting scenario will be with you all day to enhance your anticipation of a good night’s rest.With a million and one things to think about, leaving little tasks undone as you rush out in the morning can feel like a shortcut to keeping on schedule.Chores such as washing up, making the bed, or even opening the curtains can feel like a task too far, an unnecessary waste of precious energy that can anyway be deferred until you return in the evening.

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