Christians dating marriage orgasm

After all, He designed you, He designed your future husband and He designed the institution of marriage.

In fact, you carry a lot of baggage when you go outside of God’s will regarding this and you totally miss out on some beautiful blessings if you don’t save your purity for your husband. So, in wanting to follow the Scriptures, we made sure we had a short engagement period- 3 months to be exact.

James Dobson, founder of the evangelical group Focus on the Family, published a sex-and-marriage book in 1975.

Best-selling Christian authors Tim and Beverly La Haye followed in 1976 (also the year of Helen Wessel's While the Marabel Morgan book aimed chiefly to comfort and instruct the wife on holding the attention of her husband--implying without subtlety that any sexual problems were her fault--later writers have expanded the boundaries of the field, which is now marketed as "family counseling," a category that includes child-rearing, lovemaking, marital relations and, of course, sexual orientation.

If you're a Christian who wants to go forth and multiply, he's your guide.

Lately on the best-seller lists for the six apocalyptic novels in his "Left Behind" series, which have sold nearly 10 million copies, La Haye has long been a household name among fundamentalists for his works on sexual and family life.

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