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They are a lot of people working in tourism or real estate.

The majority of victims are Colombians, from 1996 to 2006 foreigners accounted for only 1.3% of all kidnapped victims. I wanted to either start applying for real jobs or have an adventure while I was young and did not have responsibilities. I figured I could learn Spanish as that would be very useful to me living in Florida.Matt Dickhaus decided he needed a change and moved from Florida to Medellin, Colombia. Because it was the cheapest ticket to South America he could find. And where better to learn than a place where the vast majority of travelers are still, unnecessarily so as he told me, afraid of going.He stayed in Medellin for two years until he recently moved on to Berlin where he now resides.People would not show up or they would not do a good job and would have to come back. The handmade empanadas or the huge selection of tropical fruits which are widely available as fresh squeezed fruit juices.It could also be the slower pace of life, the general laid back nature, and the friendliness of the Colombian people.

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(For more information see: G) How did you end up living in Colombia? I had a small business in Orlando doing valet parking and car washing while people had dinner. Spain was at the top of my list because I had been there before but it was very expensive and there were not a lot of job opportunities.

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