Cross dressing and dating

Ali Al Kassar was the first Egyptian actor to play the role of a woman in an Arab film.

Back in 1920, the popular actor was the lead character in the Egyptian short movie Al Khala Al Amrikiya (The American Aunt), which was a copy of the American play (Charly’s Aunt).

Whenever an Egyptian actor performed as a woman, the movie would be directly labeled as “funny”.

After Yasine, Sokkar Hanem was released in 1960 with Abdel Menem Ibrahim playing the role of a woman named "Sokkar".

The main character, who was played by Al Kassar, had to dress up as his friend’s aunt to save him.

Later in 1954, the legendary Mahmoud Yassine played the role of a woman in a movie titled El-Anisa Hanafi (Mrs. Three years later, the actor played the role of a woman called Zakiya, who undergoes a sex reassignment surgery after everyone notices that she acts like a man.

As the 20th century moved forward, cross-dressing began to take a prominent role within Arab cinema as well.Alaa Wali Eldin played the role of two women in the same movie, and he was the lead (male) character at the same time.With the increased visibility of the trans community in the region, Hanan Al Tawil was the first openly transsexual Arab woman to start acting in 1999.Lady Stardust is another song toying with gender identity, but not explicitly about cross-dressing.I thought Bowie's Queen Bitch was about cross-dressing, but reviewing the lyrics, I'm not sure.

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