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For military watches, that’s “6645 – Time Measuring Instruments.” The next two digits are the Country Code (CC) and they signify just what you would expect–the country that initially contracted and coded the item.

Common CCs seen in military watches are “00” and “01” for the USA, “12” for Germany, “66” for Australia, and “99” for the UK.

In this case, watches may have been produced on that contract for a number of years following the initial contract date, but would display that original contract date on their cases.

These numbers and symbols–sometimes on the dial and almost always on the case–can carry a number of different meanings.The serial number is unique to each individual watch and allows it to be traced in the stocking and maintenance systems.Serial numbers are almost always stamped or engraved on the case back, and depending on how the watch was procured by the issuing agency, multiple serial numbers may exist.In 1953 they began government-wide use of the Federal Stock Number system, an 11-digit numeric code with place-specific digits to define both the type of thing and the specific thing itself.In 1974 the code was formally made international and another two digits were added to denote an item’s country of registration.

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