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Sometimes the data structures have selectable parameters to tune the database performance.Databases may store data in many data structure types.In practice, only a very small percentage of addresses are kept as initial reference points (which also requires storage); most data is accessed by indirection using displacement calculations (distance in bits from the reference points) and data structures which define access paths (using pointers) to all needed data in an effective manner, optimized for the needed data access operations.A database, while in operation, resides simultaneously in several types of storage, forming a storage hierarchy.

A data structure type is selected upon DBMS development to best meet the operations needed for the types of data it contains.A DBMS in operation always simultaneously utilizes several storage types (e.g., memory, and external storage), with respective layout methods.In principle the database storage can be viewed as a linear address space, where every bit of data has its unique address in this address space.A storage array, a common external storage unit, typically has storage hierarchy of its own, from a fast cache, typically consisting of (volatile and fast) DRAM, which is connected (again via standard interfaces) to drives, possibly with different speeds, like flash drives and magnetic disk drives (non-volatile).The drives may be connected to magnetic tapes, on which typically the least active parts of a large database may reside, or database backup generations.

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These data are being read from/written to memory, typically through a computer bus (so far typically volatile storage components).

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