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The next day, she told me that she wanted to keep it professional, and that I should not be texting her such messages. The next day I came into work, and instead of my happy, smiling face, I put on a more professional front.She went on a two-week vacation, and when she came back, I didn't go out of my way to welcome her back or leave a card.And for me, the season has a specific soundtrack, and it's the heartsick music of Boston's indie scene in the late-'80s and early-'90s: Buffalo Tom, Blake Babies, Juliana Hatfield, Dinosaur Jr, Lemonheads.The debut albums by the Sundays and the Ocean Blue are also acceptable.

Passing through a gallery of Rembrandt portraits, the suspicious eyes in the paintings followed me to an outdoor pathway that overlooked Brentwood. I haven’t owned a car since 2014, the year when my Subaru Legacy died a smoky death on the side of the road.At first, she was always willing to jump in and help me with any questions.I noticed an empty flower vase in her office, and because she was always very nice to me, I started bringing flowers from my garden.My head was on a swivel looking out for co-workers as I hustled toward the Getty Center’s South Pavilion.Dating another employee wasn’t against museum policy, but at previous jobs I had seen office romances go pear-shaped.

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My friend, you are under-analyzing your own behavior. You wonder whether she is interested in you and whether she was leaving romantic clues for you to decipher. She told you it wasn't appropriate to send "I miss you" texts to your boss, who presumably you'd see in 12 hours. Putting aside whatever policy your high-end hotel has about managers dating their underlings, it is needy and off-putting.) So instead of dialing your behavior back a little bit, you Welcome back! Okay, Z—what we're going to do is look at this from her perspective.

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