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Doing something different will give you a new environment and a fresh perspective.

Try something new, so that you won't be stuck in a loop and run out of things to talk about.

On a second date, a couple can slowly start showing their true colors to each other.

This includes a glimpse of their habits and original personality.5.

By the end of the date, you will be able to get a clear idea about his or her true self.1.

Here are some examples that you can send after your second date. Increase your interaction on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks after your second date Give your second date a proper closure by increasing your interaction with the guy or girl on online social networks.

Getting intimate with your date so early on will create false expectations and subsequent disappointment if you are looking at your connection from a genuine perspective.12.

Send a courtesy text message to him or her after your second date Flirting via text message after your second date is a must.

A second date doesn't need to be as formal as your first one.

It can be something as simple as a quick bite at your local Subway, or a good old movie date.3.

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