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Moldova, where young brides are nourished with natural products without cholesterol, enjoying a great sunny weather, is definitely a prime destination for any demanding seeker of solid female gene pools.

You probably don’t realize this when dating Moldovan brides, but actually it is a two-way traffic.

The country’s capital, Chisinau, is gradually turning into a respectable European city.

Unblemished skin is a sign of healthy ovaries, large breasts mean the ability to breast-feed the baby, big hips promise a birth without any major medical complications.

You are looking for these signs when dating Moldovan women thinking you are looking for love and beauty, but in fact you are looking for a proper storage tank for your genes.

Our vehicles full of elated love emotions and genes travel in both directions. In the past the role of a woman was to give birth to a baby, to breast-feed and to rear this child.

Men were obliged to look for their family and to obtain sufficient amounts of various material resources for the family to rely upon and to prosper.

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