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A source told the Sun back in October: “Perrie and Joe started messaging after ­following each other on social media late last year.

“They got pretty flirty pretty quickly and they decided to meet up, with that night going very well by all accounts." The insider added: “But after a promising build-up, things ­fizzled out pretty quickly — although he’s still desperate to get back in touch and has reached out a few times." There were rumours that Perrie and Mc Fly's Dougie Poynter, Ellie Goulding's ex, had a thing. Online ahead of their performance at the Capital Summertime ball earlier this year, the stunning singer insisted they were just good friends.

Sam Faier's ex now admitted that the unlikely couple went on a couple of dates.

The reality star said to The Mirror: "We exchanged numbers, then we met up a few times." The Little Mix star reportedly also enjoyed a whirlwind romance with famous blogger and Zoella's brother, Joe Sugg.

However by the end of October it was all over for the glam couple.

According to Mail Online, Perrie, 23, and Luke, 26, ended their romance after going on a few “fun dates”.

“Alex is clearly smitten with Perrie and he looked like he loved the girls’ performance,” an insider told the Sun at the time.

Perrie was then spotted watching Alex play football at the Emirates Stadium from his personal box, according to The Sun.

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When asked about her new man, the pretty blonde replied to The Mirror: “Yeah, it’s going alright, thanks!

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