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It is understood no local undertakers are prepared to handle any funeral.

No reference was made to what happened to his remains today, meaning the plans for his burial or cremation remain a mystery.

‘He suffered from a severe underlying personality disorder of prominent narcissistic and anti-social sub-types.

He was also thought to suffer from a number of deviant sexual disorders, to include sexual sadism and paedophilia.’Dr Thomas said Brady was offered anti-psychotic medication throughout his 32-year incarceration at Ashworth but refused to take any drugs.

Brady's will reportedly contained the stipulation that two briefcases containing his legal and personal papers were to be collected immediately after his death.

His body was kept under police guard until it was released to Mr Makin, on May 18.

Following Brady's death, Keith's brother Alan Bennett told friends on Facebook: 'We will carry on doing whatever we can to bring Keith home and your support means more than I could ever put into words.'Keith's mother, Winnie Johnson, died in 2012 without knowing her son's final resting place.

He said Brady was a paranoid schizophrenic, whose mental state was marked by hallucinations, delusions and disorganised thought and speech.‘There are accounts of disturbed and bizarre behaviour relating to psychosis, to include assaults against peers,’ Dr Thomas said.Dr Thomas said of Brady's final moments: 'He was unresponsive at times, laboured in his breathing and agitated.He declined chaplaincy.'He asked for his solicitor to be notified and requested that his locked briefcases be removed from his room.At the time, Mr Makin said there was ‘no likelihood’ of that happening.Funeral directors and crematoriums in Liverpool and Glasgow, where Brady was born and had asked for his ashes to be scattered, refused to handle his remains.

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