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I requested one only free trial of garcinia only to find a second bottle was sent unsolicited.


after PAYING AND receiving your product I was charged two payments of 4.25 which has been coming out every 2 weeks to RMCCUSTOMERS. I told her she really should get a job with a more ethical company as this company was stealing peoples money. So I am going to the bank today and cancel my card and order a new one. I received this charge on my visa statement: FINA SKIN 855-229-1786 WY AMT 0.00 united states. It was advertised as a free trial face cream that Joanna Gaines from HGTV was starting a new business.

COM ONLINE which is related to your company according to our bank manger who is checking this out.. I believe it is a recurrent monthly charge on my visa, but I cannot get any information on the REAL free trial deal.

Same as previous comment purchased an electric bike and nothing has been delivered same amount charged including transaction fee for foreign currency exchange. I have been charged 3 times by Tourvest BA Retail on my HSBC card. GBR (authorized) then on the 16th Oct 2017 0.48 NOT authorized. I found that I had got a free trial of a product that never worked for me anyway and I had to pay postage (that is where they get your card number).

I paid £36 for a hard drive which was advertised for £34 on on amazon, the site is fake and and takes your money and will over charge for the hard drive you will not receive. I canceled my previous credit card, but this expense appeared in the new one. At the same time, that evolution has also given way to new risks—new avenues for criminals to rip off the unsuspecting. These hackers and cyber criminals are little more than new age con men. I did not receive what ever it is and I did not authorize you to debit my credit card. Please issue a credit for 9.3debited to my card on 1/11/17. I am very annoyed and you throw me into debt on my card for which I run a tight control over.

And the con game is as old as time itself—people have literally been tricking one another since the beginning of time. godine, preko visa classic karticnog racuna, izvršena je uplata za PES*ELANDONLINE SHOUNING u iznosu od 527,92 CNY. Being a NZ Pensioner I do not run up debt on my credit card and this amount has thrown me over the limit.

Always research the company whom you place orders it is a feeding ground for hackers. COM18008917846 and againon 1117 one more time from NRFEE. NO FURTHER SUPPLIES HAVE ARRIVED AND I DON'T WANT ANY !!! COM ****** Absolute SCAM ****** Had a charge on card from ”m360spprt” which triggered fraud alert at my bank.

I am a victim of this and learnt my lesson I try contacting them phone is invalid no email confirmation for my order as well. COM18008917846 for .10 and again on 1117 two more times for .10 from INTERNETi don't even have a clue what they are for or who they are. Someone needs to look into these companys, NO Authorization for more than one transaction. This company sells under DON’t buy anything from them.. They find the cheapest quality items from wish/ geek apps and triple the price. When we called phone 844-342-1796, twice got rude person demanding personal information to “confirm” charge while refusing to identify their company.

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And in the same vein as ancient mystics and old-fashioned snake oil salesmen, these conmen are after one thing: your money. godine, preko visa classic karticnog racuna, izvršena je uplata za PES*ELANDONLINE SHOUNING u iznosu od 527,92 CNY. Tom trasnsakcijom sam platio SEGWAY mini pro skuter, te mi do dana danas nije stiglo nikakav izvještaj o kupovini niti o dostavi artikla kojeg sam kupio. Once the credit had been done please advise IMMEDIATELY and I shall instruct the BNZ to decline any further attempts by you to charge my card.

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