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There are many things that Sikhs have carried with them into the present from the 1400s.But chief among them is this: “Sikhs have been a minority everywhere,” Barninder said.“Even in India, even in Punjab.” Especially in the United States. For the devout, their turbans — if nothing else — will always set them apart. On an overcast morning in April, rain was falling as the bikers of the club, clad in their leather vests, gathered on 37th Street to pray before the Sikh Day Parade in Midtown Manhattan.They had just finished vying for space to tie their turbans in front of the decorative mirrors of a Chinese restaurant.How to keep his sons connected to a creed he does not want them to forsake. But there is a reason bikers come together to ride; a reason worshippers congregate to celebrate, pray, and mourn.For Barninder, riding was never a way to make him more religious.

In Skip Hollandsworth’s 2007 story about the notorious Texan motorcycle club the Bandidos, he notes, “They defend one another. That’s part of the brotherhood.” But that model of displaying loyalty — often through violence and a decidedly us vs.

In 2012, a man entered a Sikh house of worship in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, and opened fire, killing six people and wounding three.

In 2017, at least three Sikh men have been killed and another wounded in apparent hate crimes.

them mentality — is a world away from the ethos of the bikers who make up the Sikh Motorcycle Club of the Northeast.

The club, which is based in New Jersey, is one of several similar groups around the United States and Canada, although it’s an independent entity.

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