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Yandere characters are mentally unstable, incredibly deranged and use extreme violence or brutality as an outlet for their emotions.

Yandere are usually, but not always, female characters.

The term is believed to have been coined by Hikaru Ijūin in 1999, and was originally intended to describe people who are pretending to be "grown-ups" in their second year of middle school.

Generally used for female characters, though it can refer to effeminate males in some instances.

( While there are only two more days until Taylor Swift's Reputation is unleashed on the world, rumors are swirling that the album's tracklist has arrived ahead of the music.

The term originates from Azumanga Daioh character Kimura's heavily accented English phrasing of "my wife" to sound like "mai waifu", but is also how a Japanese native speaker would pronounce the English word for "wife". A subgenre of anime and manga characterized by a protagonist surrounded, usually amorously, by three or more members of the opposing sex as potential love interests.

These characteristics are also sometimes used on male characters as well.

The tendency of a character to pretend to be a made-up character from fantasy such as a vampire, demon, angel, wizard, alien, warrior or person with special bloodline, often imagining themselves to possess magical powers, super powers or cursed items.

oniisan, kawaii and senpai) are not included on this list unless a description with a reference for notability can be provided that shows how they relate.

A female character with cat ears and a cat tail, but an otherwise human body.

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