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We share such a special bond and my day couldn't possibly be the same without her!Caroline is a cousin of mine, and how lucky am I to have such an amazing girl as my family!Eva and I have known each other for what seems like forever.We both went to Fayetteville Academy, then to NC State, and even lived together for a year!On move-in day, Chris texted me to ask if I needed any help.My dad immediately said, "I bet you and Chris will be dating by the end of the year." That seemed crazy at the time, but as the semester progressed, Chris and I spent more and more time together." I, of course, said yes and thanks to his picture request, we have our proposal documented. Jane is one of the most fun-loving and outgoing girls I know.You will definitely be able to find her on the dance floor and probably even on stage with the band. We both saved each other from being the only Schaefer child in the house when I moved back home.

Her mom Robin was a bridesmaid in my parent's wedding, and it is so special to me she will be a bridesmaid in mine! She married my cousin Hampton, and I am so glad he made her part of our family because I couldn't imagine my life without her!He made sure I always had tickets to the football and basketball games and even went to the library for the first time ever to study with me.We don't really know when we were "official", so Chris picked January 26, which also happened to be the date State beat Carolina that year.After the team ran out, Chris asked a friend if they would take a picture of us by the court.I told him how annoying it was that he only wanted to take pictures with me when it was somewhere he thought it was cool (little did I know).

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