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The fact that my husband was the one who arranged for the babysitter made it all the more sweet, feeling, each time, like a generous gift.

When couples make the effort to spend time together and to continue developing their relationship, no matter what's going on in their every day life, they are more likely to grow closer, rather than apart.

And with single men apparently leaving at higher rates than single women, Mormons are left with a different kind of problem: a large cohort of single women in a church that upholds marriage as the godly ideal not just for this life, but also the next. Parshall, Laura Durham, Naomi Watkins and Chelsea Sue, pictured at right) were amazing, and they have fulfilling lives, careers, and families (because yes, you still have a family even when you’re not married with children).

A Some admit they're waiting for the other to initiate it.

Others are in a standoff about who last called the babysitter.

Not just for couples with young kids who need a night away from the hubbub, or newlywed couples, or those who are struggling.

Date night is an essential because couples in all states and stages need quality one-on-one time.

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