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Yet you sit here and say,'I only date or prefer white men or women'? We share the same suffering blacks, shouldn't we date our own only!?? Once I heard "white supremacy" and "coon", you must be african americanyou do realize you are in a Black British forum, Im even african american and I feel everybody should date who they want and that includes Black people.

If black people in interracial marriages don't want to discuss white supremacy thats their business, even though I do feel that should be discussed but yeah it their business.

Your average interracial couple consists of a racist white man or woman, then you have a coon black man or woman.

Your average black person in a interracial relationship is only in it because they believe having a white man or woman makes them 'special'.

The crazy roller coaster, which is my career in dating, took a rather exciting turn last month, when I was head-hunted by Time Out Group to spearhead their increasing involvement in the world of dating.

Not once have you ever been sorry or acknowledge your racism, it's always excuses.

So yes black people should not whatsoever be dating whites because to this day, whites are still oppressing blacks. Firstly, your number one man or woman should be black.

But even then, l believe blacks should only date blacks considering the hate the world has for us! Yeah for you who thinks its only whites who are racist. Accept it, black people are the most hated people in the world. Because the world hates dark skin people aka black people.

I guarantee you any race ligher than blacks dislikes blacks. We live in a world that prefers light skin because its close to 'white'.

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  1. And then like we just like really liked each other. And, I mean, you…it’s not like you just kind of comment on their picture like, hey, here’s my number. I’d be kind of creeped out if someone mentioned my photos from a long time ago, especially because those photos tend to be very embarrassing.