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But hey it’s better than him leaving you for another pu**y, right Keisha?

Like daaamnnnnn floozies these days out here sharing Greg n all.

She has a thing for guys in relationships in hopes he’d leave his girlfriend for her so they’d live happily ever after lmao.

She gets all obsessed over a random guy she barely knows and falls in love just to get her heart broken when they leave her after smashing.

I don’t know but his hydro was cut off so he had it put in his name and Donn never paid a cent on the mortgage, Debbie paid it from Surrey. What he did with that money I dont know, because every time I saw him, he was bumming smokes off me and trying to borrow money. Why would I loan you money when you owe me a grand? As far as the smokes go, I finally said to him “F**k Donn, buy your own smokes! He is a cop caller and beat the f**k out of Debbie many times (not that she didnt deserve it).

Donn’s work truck Debbie bought for him, but insured it in her name. Meanwhile had two accidents, and the truck was was impounded twice cause Donn has no valid drivers licence. After assaulting Debbie in front of me, he called the cops and said she attacked him so he could account for the bruises on her.

She’s always been an ugly butterface floozy, but she looks worse than ever! Madison Mcnicol has a clean Facebook full of inspirational quotes and selfies.THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, dont you just hate hypocrites?This here Rachel Bitter loves to criticize others about how they live their lives and preaches from the Bible as if she is an angel, but we all know who she really is. She also has a porn addiction and was caught once giving a blowjob in an alley to some random guy she just met. She has been caught cheating behind many of her bfs backs.She is a nympho that goes to church every Sunday but afterwards loves picking up guys and having sex. She cant help herself, which is why none of her relationships ever last very long.I’m surprised she still doesnt want to go for a 3 some, but she does easily get very jealous when she is not the center of attention, so maybe thats it. THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this couple Donna and Mike Granade are so messed up.

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