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If she was disrespecting me I would have run asshole game, but I suspected she was putting me through some sort of gauntlet and that her attitude was a way to see if I was truly committed to the bang.

I determined that nonchalance was the best card to play, almost like I was a half-retard who couldn’t hear the things she was saying.

My girl came up to me, said, “You can lay on my bed, but we’re not having sex.” “That’s fine,” I said. The whole thing took about three hours from start to finish.

Once I got into her room there was zero resistance. This girl was the same age as me so I’m pretty sure she’s approaching triple digits in terms of male partners, especially since she mentioned dating men in “rock bands.” Regardless of her high number, there is no way that your average guy without game could’ve pulled her that night.

If you think of an American whore as an girl who goes out, drinks, and bangs a lot, you absolutely need game in order to get her.

It’s ironic that the more sexual experience I gain, the more I prefer whores who match that experience and have the most know-how on how to please me from my very first thrust.It was working because halfway through the drink she gave me a one second kiss on the lips, adding, “I’m not kissing you again!” “That’s fine, I’m not expecting anything,” I said.Because she gets so many guys approaching her, she is able to select from the cream of the crop—the guys who make her feel the strongest attraction.I’m not going to kid myself and say I accomplished something by fucking the Baltimore girl, but I was at the end of a long line of men who got her in the sack using game comparable to mine.

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“I’m enjoying my drink.” Her guy friend started to take a liking towards me.

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