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This is described in some technical manuals as "Eugene's limit", in homage to creator/producer Gene Roddenberry.Warp 8 in the original series was the "Never Exceed" speed for the hulls and engines of Constitution-class starships, equivalent to the aircraft V The limit of 10 did not entirely stop warp inflation.The movie depicts Cochrane as having first operated warp drive on Earth in 2063 (two years after the date speculated by the first edition of the Star Trek Chronology).By using a matter/antimatter reactor to create plasma, and by sending this plasma through warp coils, he created a warp bubble which he could use to move a craft into subspace, thus allowing it to exceed the speed of light.

Moore suggested Cochrane's drive was in some way superior to forms which existed beforehand, and was gradually adopted by the galaxy at large.

Achieving warp factor 1 is equal to breaking the light barrier, while the actual velocity corresponding to higher factors is determined using an ambiguous formula.

Several episodes of the original series placed the Enterprise in peril by having it travel at high warp factors; at one point in "That Which Survives" the Enterprise traveled at a warp factor of 14.1.

The general concept of "warp drive" was introduced by John W. Einstein's theory of special relativity states that energy and mass are interchangeable, thus, speed of light travel is impossible for material objects that weigh more than photons.

The problem of a material object exceeding light speed is that an infinitely increasing amount of kinetic energy is required to attempt moving as fast as a massless photon.

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