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Learn to Squirt Many women who enjoy G-Spot play have also experienced ejaculation or “squirting.” Some women will only ejaculate a small amount while others might gush. In order to squirt, it’s important to be very relaxed. Fear of losing control and fear of incontinence could inhibit your ability to ejaculate.

If you are trying to make a partner ejaculate, it is important to ease her fears about this.

No adults, guys, solo, older/teen seduction, illegal content, or off topic. I have a ton of stuff with this theme so we'll always have fresh content but if you see a teen lesbian video on ML, click add to group! I managed to be fortunate enough to have relocated these two files around the web over the past 5-6 years, but I wish I still had the rest of the screenshots to make it easier for people to help locate the video.

So if you've made or cum across a good cumshot pic or vid--be it real or fake, amateur or pro, solo or with others--then this is the place to post them. This group is about GIRLS doing what they do best: LESBIAN SEX (kissing all over each other, pussy stroking, hardcore dildo fucking and a whole lot of pussy eating, etc). Watch these horny girls play with their tits as they get eaten out and fingered. I believe it was a single scene video with no other actors but her, with duration between 25-30 minutes.

It is analogous to the prostate in men, and is sometimes referred to as “the female prostate.” Many women have discovered that when applying direct pressure to the G-Spot, they can experience strong sensations, powerful orgasms, and (often) ejaculation!

To locate the G-Spot, insert a lubricated finger or fingers 2-3 inches into the vagina and press upward gently towards the belly button.

Many positions may work, but it’s important to remember that the G-Spot is only a few inches from the entrance to the vagina, so you must adapt your movements to ensure stimulation. The receiver can also finger her clitoris for added enjoyment.• Reverse cowgirl- In this position, the receiver sits astride her partner’s penis or dildo, facing away from them. There are many toys which can assist you in your G-Spotting. At the start of the video the girls are saying something to the camera to the effect of "We hope you liked last night, but we feel like you need a little more".

Here are some positions especially recommended for G-Spotting with a partner.• Doggie style- This is the best position as it allows just the right angle for a penis or dildo to meet the G-Spot. Use a gentle rocking motion to stimulate the G-Spot.• Spooning- This is a great position as it allows the receiver to be totally relaxed and provides the ideal angle for G-Spotting. Dildos with a gentle, upward curve can be a great aid in Looking for a vid that disappeared awhile back. One of the girls was a brunette (maybe reddish hair?

I heard stuff clatter around about midway through my third as they got louder as they must have been close to release.

My fingers rolling easy over the notes that came so naturally. I began toning it down and coming to a slower point as they finished and were prolly putting clothes on. After a lil while they had to cross the room I was in. He looked over to me with a big shit eating grin and said thanks. I just put a vibe on my clit, watch porn and just when I'm about to go nuts and am close to cumming, I do a blast and RAM something huge up my sloppy fuck hole and pound my cunt while I keep vibing and stop when I'm about to cum...

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However, please know that G-Spot stimulation is not always an orgasmic button.

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