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In addition, more than ninety-eight per cent of text messages are opened; they are four times more likely to be read by the recipient than e-mails.If you’re a parent, you know that, even if your son does not text you back about where he is, he has read your message.The average adolescent sends almost two thousand text messages a month. For teens, texting isn’t a novel form of communication; it’s the default.They contact their friends more by text than by phone or e-mail or instant-message or even face-to-face conversations. People who spent their high-school years chatting with friends on landlines are often dismissive of texting, as if it might be a phase one outgrows, but the form is unparalleled in its ability to relay information concisely.The number—741741—traces a simple, muscle-memory-friendly path down the left column of the keypad.Anyone who texts in receives an automatic response welcoming her to the service.The interface looks remarkably like a Facebook feed—pale background, blue banner at the top, pop-up messages in the lower right corner—a design that is intended to feel familiar and frictionless.

Open-ended questions are good; “why” questions are bad.But the texter indicated that she was too scared to make a phone call. She printed out the text messages and handed them to her boss, Nancy Lublin, Do’s C. Depression is common among teens, and its consequences are volatile: suicide is the third leading cause of death for Americans between the ages of ten and twenty-four.In that same age group, the use of text messaging is near-universal. offers parents a tutorial in deciphering acronyms used by children ( stands for “parent in room”).“It sends the implicit message that it’s really not O. to talk about it, and if the counsellor doesn’t feel comfortable talking about it why would the teen-ager?” It takes practice to tell someone who is suffering that he has a real problem, and that, though things may get better, it may not be anytime soon.

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(Crisis Text Line counsellors are free to give a real or assumed first name to people who text in.) It is also regarded as a mistake to embrace teen-age patois too enthusiastically.

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