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When your baby can sign back, you may even enjoy a two-way conversation. Communicating with your baby begins from the moment he’s born.If, for example, he tells you he can hear an aeroplane you can respond: "You heard an aeroplane? You can start to sign the meaning along with what you are saying at any time. You don't need to go on special baby signing courses to learn how to use gestures or signing with your little one.Your baby's understanding of language and ability to make gestures develop much faster than his ability to speak.As a result, he will use gestures to let you know what he wants before he can talk.

They’ll enjoy this long before they know the words! " This way, you spend more time chatting about what interests your little one, which is a great way to help him learn to talk.

Start with a sign for something your baby is interested in.

For example, lots of babies quickly pick up the sign for "more" in relation to food!

If you want to use formal signing systems such as Makaton or Signalong, you will need to attend classes or a course.

These systems of signing are normally used with children who are struggling to communicate for a variety of reasons.

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