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He remembered a project she’d worked on and complimented her on it.

They began emailing, then talking on the phone, then Skyping, so on and so forth.

I spent that semester doing an independent study on how to become a woman that no man would ever turn down or break up with or forget to text back. One book I returned to religiously during my studies was E!

My syllabus was dotted with tears and trips to the ice-cream vending machine in my dorm’s basement but I did learn. Anchor Giuliana Rancic’s “Think Like a Guy: How to Get a Guy by Thinking Like One.” In the years I owned my copy (which I donated to Goodwill a few months ago) friends would pull it off my shelf and laugh at the advice. giggle during sex, admit you were a bad student, kiss on the first date, be a slut in bed, wear a costume that requires a mustache, obsess over babies and puppies, let yourself go, fight in public, cry around him, admit you’ve slept with more than 5 guys, or own a dog that fits in your purse. learn to accept football, be a good cook or a great faker, wax, know how to make the perfect drink, let him go to Vegas, love good music, and talk like a lady not a trucker.

It is rare to find a subject of equal importance to sex columnists, psychologists, Taylor Swift and college students.I learned how to play hard to get and how to keep a man interested. The first time I read it, despite recognizing how sexist her advice was, I’d thought I’d found my bible. When a man upset me I’d pull the thin purple book off the shelf and thumb through its pages until I felt like I knew what to do better next time. I would preach to desperate friends about the merits of playing hard to get.I even once sent a dear friend a 2000 word email titled “Scout’s personalized dating advice.” It reads like I had a Cosmo shaped tumor in my frontal lobe.No one would ever be able to outdo me again if I was armed with knowledge.I watched You Tube videos, listened to books on tape and read articles about dating.

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