House bill mandating infertility insurance be offered who is princess eugenie dating

SENATOR CRISCO: -- public hearing testimony will begin.

Please be advised that all public hearing testimony, written and spoken, is public information.

At present, medical food is Zane's main source of nutrition and most of his calories are from the enteral formula.

Steroids allow him to consume a small amount of food a day.

So there will be others testifying before you today where -- far better versed on the medical and the financial aspects of this condition.

What we're asking for is a simple man -- matter of fairness.

A nice source of profit for the insurance companies.

With 30 families handled via the Thrive Program, that leaves roughly 20 families which may need to access insurance to pay for medical food -- food, which is hardly a large risk pool.The -- this bill proposes to amend the age limit to age 26 consistent with general insurance coverage criteria for children.To answer the most obvious question: No, expanding the coverage age does not impose a significant liability on insurance companies.Senator Crisco, Representative Megna, Senator Kelly, Representative Sampson, and members of the Insurance and Real Estate Committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify in support of House Bill 5432, a proposed amendment to title 38a of the General Statutes, pertaining to insurance coverage of specialized formula for children with a specific digestive disorder.The Legislature passed a bill some years ago assuring coverage for this condition, but limited insurance coverage to children up to age 12.

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