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When it comes to meeting women online you REALLY know what you are doing, and thank you."- Jared“Dave M.

I’m just as guilty of this trait, scrolling past anyone who punctuates with emoji, uses the expression ‘lol’ or professes to be a diehard fan of a healthy lifestyle.In a world where you can’t have a train-station wee without paying 30p for the privilege, it appears love won’t come easy or cheap.And although these websites generate a healthy profit for their owners, I’m not convinced they’re the answer to finding a good match.So instead I plan to hang up my subscription for a few months and spend more time meeting people in the real world. I live to help single men succeed and smash through their sticking points so they can meet and date the women they really desire using online dating sites. is, in my opinion, one of the best guys out there when it comes to picking up women off the Internet. If you want to play in the world of online game, you have to get Dave’s Program!

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According to therapist and relationships expert Graham Landi, I’m not alone.

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