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Cass Elliott (Ellen Naomi Cohen) of the Mommas and the Poppas died at 32 on this date in 1974….Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield named their wonderful ice cream flavor Cherry Garcia for the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia on this date in 1987.

My first date-- a "computer date" at Stony Brook when I was 17-- was to see the Airplane live in the Stony Brook gym in 1966. Allen Klein, a manager of the Rolling Stones who eventually had a catalytic role in the break-up of the Beatles, died at 74 on this date in 2009.Marty Balin (Buchwald) recruited Paul Kantner to form the Jefferson Airplane on this date in 1965.His photographs have, in turn, become the myriad faces of the Summer of Love.The members of Jefferson Starship past and present have been exploring the mysteries of music for more than 1000 collective years. Kantner knew that combining powerful creative forces, personalities and talents could create something far greater than the sum of its parts.

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