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Koine & Marko: Contemporary – Mandy and Elizabeth This was a difficult routine to learn with the props but they mastered it for the live show.I just really enjoy watching these two dance together.He seems more confident outside of his own style…and I think he out danced Jenna this time.Taylor & Robert: Hip Hop – Keone and Mari Excited to see these two choreographing tonight…they were one of my favorite from World of Dance.Unfortunately, neither Kherington, or, surprisingly, Twitch, really elevated the choreography beyond the "ordinary." And does anyone else think it's weird that Adam Shankman, the director of "Hairspray," didn't acknowledge that Twitch had been in his film (see my post Dancing on Broadway Indeed: Twitch Was in the Movie Version of Hairspray). There were three different occasions where they appeared to have no idea what they were doing, to the point that I wondered if something had been screwed up in the music.Unfortunately, those screw-ups are the moments I most remember. Chelsea and Thayne I have no comment -- I'm still scared by their perma-smiles (and Nigel's impression of them).8.I felt like they nailed this…it was strong and clean.I felt like I was watching a taller version on Keone and Mari Lex & Koine: Disco – Doriana Sanchez Okay so while this disco was good…for me it wasn’t the best done to this song.

Lex & Gaby: Samba – Sasha Farber What a fun Samba from Sasha…I’m going to miss him as a pro this season on DWTS.So if I heard Cat correctly we have two more shows left this season the performance finale and the finale.The voted this week and next week will help determine the winner.This has been used two other time on this show for disco.I think Koine shined a little bit brighter that Lex.

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