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At the starting line, Aaron Sorkin's screenplay is somewhat of a distraction.When every piece of dialogue is some quick-witted joke, putdown or comeback, it is hard to get sucked into the story.In fact, every actor in "The Social Network" gives a solid performance (especially Hammer, who – though you would not realize it – plays both of the Winkelvoss twins).

Although notoriously private, Jesse - who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance as Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network - has previously spoken about his long-term love, praising her for the work she undertakes to raise money for domestic violence shelters.Though "The Social Network" is an incredibly interesting and well-made docudrama, it is hardly an enjoyable one.After all, how much fun can you have watching a bunch of pompous, privileged pricks become billionaires?And Fincher's intelligent-yet-desultory motion picture serves as a fascinating history lesson.the Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice actor will become a father for the first time later next year.

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