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I experience a constant knee-jerk reaction by projecting the past onto the present where a lot of these dangers no longer exist, but I react as though I’m still in it.It’s understandable,” he attests, crossing his feet at the ankles.“But it’s not something I feel particularly proud of.” Though he is forty-eight (this month), the bullying John experienced in his childhood is as fresh as the snow in winter.Raised in Buchanan, Michigan, his fundamentalist family moved to Parker, Colorado, when he was twelve.

Don’t get me started on Russia.” I mention the homophobia on the island of Jamaica and Grant responds, “[Sometimes I feel like] I’m never going to be welcomed or considered a human being [there].

[quote_center]I suffer from PTSD, due to the hatred and abuse I took for twenty years.

I was rejected from outside the home and from inside the home.

Hayes' Head / Security Guard / Sergeant / Shady Nurse / Solo Grunka Lunka #2 / Sound Effects 5000 / Space Bee #3 / Speed Racer / Suicidal Man / Super King / The Clear Cutter / The Space Pope / Thorias / Translator Machine / Transvestite / Underwater Landlord / Weight Loss Program Runner / Yancy Fry, Sr. But then again, if I was the producer, I wouldn't want a bunch of no-names doing my show and have to worry about word-of-mouth.

This gigantic eye catching advertisement swiftly whizzes by, covering the entire length of a double-sized Los Angeles Metro bus.

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One reviewer wrote about his live performance, “Leaves his audience awestruck and on its feet.” His folksy electronic pop-rock poetic music and his honest-to-the-core velvety baritone voice landed him a Best International Male Solo Artist nomination at the 2014 BRITS. The songwriter is a bookworm (just finished the Madeline Kahn biography), a horror fan (loves all the Exorcist films), and enjoys the music of Donna Summer and Karen Carpenter, his first inspiration.

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