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Then, after a unanimous agreement, we booked our flights quickly and ended up in Croatia where our story started! The public reacted quickly to your video, and they called out the Croatian National Tourist Board to track you down and invite you back for another visit just days after the clip was originally posted.

How did the Tourist Board contact you and were you surprised when the Tourist Board director actually asked you to meet him?

The next day, I received an email at work from my colleagues in Zagreb, whom I never met before, asking me if I went to Croatia this summer and if I posted a video because my clip was all over the news. Later that day, I received a call at the office from the Tourist Board of Croatia. Ratomir Ivicic, the director, was actually in Paris the same day and wanted to see me in order to thank me for my video.

I guess that was the moment I realised it actually went viral.

She saw our passports and asked us with a smile « Are you the three French guys in the video? There's still so much more see in Croatia, isn’t there? Every destination I ever visited depended on my emotions and the inspiration of the country.

I know that I will definitely go to Dubrovnik one day. I have a bucket list and it’s still very long, but I don’t have priority.

So here's what he has to say about Croatia as a holiday destination and why he likes to travel as much as his busy lifestyle allows. I’ve looked through your Facebook and Vimeo accounts (the wonders of modern technology) and it is clear you've travelled all over the world, but the biggest public reaction came after your first video made here in Croatia. As for selecting Croatia, it actually came in first place after some internet research.

I really wasn't prepared for it so I improvised my way through it. Then, a few days after this media adventure we received an email from the director of the Baranja Tourist Board Mr. At the very end, e-mail read: „ Accept our offer of a free trip to Osijek and Baranja and make us happy“. It’s right that our first trip in the Adriatic coast was based on classical touristy activities: visiting national parks and beautiful islands, discovering the beauty of this country.

But I heard it’s a romantic place, so maybe I’ll keep it and go there with my girlfriend later. It’s true that we already have some invitations for next summer, but from travel agencies, property owners, or associations.

All of these propositions are for places we didn’t see yet. , It would be amazing to discover another part of the many hidden beauties of Croatia.

I find that weird because it should be the opposite. It’s a pity, people should act the same way and we should help each other when we are able to. During the whole trip, journalists were interviewing us, people asked for pictures and also talked to us like they known our story. I will frame it and put in my bedroom as a reward“! I’ll keep the other articles and show it to my son later „Look, your dad was a celebrity in Croatia once upon a time!

The funniest part of that story is we never believed people when they said that we are stars in Croatia. In fact, we were recognized from our first step in Croatia by the customs officer. “We only travelled through a small part of the Adriatic Coast, Zagreb and Baranja region.

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At first, I saw the stats on my video growing rapidly in just a couple of hours.

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