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I was carried inside and plunked down on a stool and watched as Stan as Batman was carried in by Fran and Cathy and plunked down on another stool beside me. "Ahhhh the dynamic duo tied up in my clutches." The man stayed at the door and looked out and seemed to be looking around before closing it and he remained standing by the rear door.

Fran & Cathy joined "Catwoman" as they stood around as Stan and myself sat tied up the wooden stools. (It was a 20 - 25 ft long rubber conveyor belt that fed into a large furnance like structure that was the kiln and used for baking the clay pottery.) My aunt saw me looking back.

The man that carried me to the van started to tape my ankles together with the same white tape used to gag stan and Fran had climbed in too and she had started to tie my hands behind my back with rope. She laughed and told me we were to be taken back to her other hideout and with that she closed the rear doors of the van as I was finished being tied and the man tore off a strip of tape and quickly taped my mouth shut before I could say anything else.

I looked up to see my aunt smiling with a an evil grin and lighting up a cigarette and beside her was Cathy also watching me be tied up. He got behind the wheel of the van and Fran got into the passenger side.

I recognized it as the Pottery Shop where I had been brought once before by my aunt and her friend Cathy and got very excited (I had posted my adventures of being taken to the studio on a previous posting) My mind flashed to the conveyor belt and hoped they planned on tying us up on it.

Once it was, I walked through into the living room, and sat down more or less in the middle of the room.

Put him in the van." I was put into the open rear doors of the van and to my surprise saw Stan aka "Batman" already tied up ,on the floor of the carpeted van , hand and foot and he was gagged with wide white tape.

His eyes went wide behind his masked cowl as he saw me being laid down on my side beside him.

I was sure nobody could hear me, so I thrust my legs together (in a inverted-'V' arc) and began winding tape around my ankles, figuring I'd only use two layers per area.

Whilst tying my legs, the tape kept splitting into small sections, which was annoying as it wasted tape.

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She too lit up a cigarette and let out a laugh and she looked back and saw us squirming on the floor of the van.

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