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Hi my name is Sukanya and I live in the state of Kerala. My desire for sexual relationship with any other guy other than my husband started when we were staying near my husbands company, which is nearby to a city in Kerala. Once I noticed that this guy was peeping through the bathroom ventilator and I soon realized that he can see my boobs when I am bending down for sweeping.

I am in my 30’s with a good body of 36-28-36, married and having two kids. I immediately went back inside the house took a shawl and started sweeping again.

[in Danish] The Lake is a place for Music and Sounds.

The radio stream runs all hours of the day and is randomized. Once a week The Lake hosts longer shows, mixtapes and live broadcasts. The music broadcasted via made available with permission from KODA/NCB & Gramex.

Later after my husband had left for office and my kids had gone to school, I went inside the bathroom to have a bath.In the evening my husband invited Arun(Sheela’s husband) for dinner.He accepted the invitation and came to our house around 6.30 pm. My husband’s mobile rang and it was his colleague who was supposed to take the night shift.When I looked at him he was also splurting, I looked at him and put my tongue out and moved it up as if I am licking his semen from his dick. He gave me a naughty smile and went inside to wash his cock.I too washed my vagina, came back, cleaned the floor, and wore my clothes.

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As soon as he heard the noise of my window opening, he opened his and he saw me standing there.

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