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So you have been cheated on by your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your husband your wife, your fiancé, or just someone who you had an understanding with. You swear you’ll never give your love to another, at least you won’t become so vulnerable that you can get hurt.

This person has shattered the trust that you placed in them. From now on you’re not giving the key to your heart.◊♦◊Let me put all your doubts to rest.

Have you thought about using the Internet to meet men?

Be creative and active, is what I’m saying, and don’t be in a rush. You do not want to be in a relationship just because you feel like a loser without one.

Being in a bad relationship is about a million times worse than being without one.

Proper paying etiquette has always been unclear, and we often times overthink what message we’re sending based on how we handle the bill.

If we ask to split the check, are we sending major friend zone vibes?

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Get off at the next stop, in fact pull the emergency brakes and get off that train right NOW. And even though we kept it more civil than most, our family structure was never the same. I can honestly say that I had the good fortune of having some really great women in my life, and that did not stop me from cheating.

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  1. So making the same effort as you would with a sighted woman is essential. No need to use the entire bottle of Hugo Boss, but enough that she may want to come closer to smell you a little more?