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Doesn’t that word just make you feel all warm inside?Like your heart is about to be swallowed by your soul?According to Tech Knowledge, negative and positive words have biological effects on our bodies.We respond to them on "a visceral, autonomic level."For example, when we hear the word “no,” our bodies start producing stress releasing chemicals.It's obvious that you're an important part of his life, or otherwise he'd be out with his drinking buddies instead of holding you in his arms every night. First of all, don't get overemotional about it yet. He likes the friends-with-benefits arrangement and regular sleepovers. If he says you mean the world to him but still doesn't assign a label to your relationship, believe him at his word.You might wonder if you should give him the big ultimatum about your relationship status, let it slide, or have a conversation about mutual respect and expectations in a relationship. Before you go having the relationship talk and cause an explosion or breakup prematurely, look at these signs to determine where you fit on his relationship totem pole. He might not be ready to change his Facebook relationship status or go ring shopping, but you might be on the track to falling in love.The opposite happens with words like “baby” and “yes.”A report published by Harvard Law School studied the effects of positive words and images for the use of negotiations.The study suggests that "even the use of a single word -- like "keep" instead of "lose" -- in the presentation of options can unconsciously influence the conscious choices people make.”We now know that our choice of words has a direct and immediate effect on our emotional response and makes our brains inclined to respond in specific ways.

Then, the addition of neurochemicals like oxytocin and vasotocin (released within the care circuits) help us to build long-lasting relationships filled with kindness, compassion and trust."It's been proven that positive words promote positive feelings, which in turn promote positive action.According to Andrew Newberg, MD and Mark Robert Waldman, authors of “Words Can Change Your Brain,” holding a positive word in your mind can stimulate frontal lobe activity, which includes specific language centers that connect directly to the motor cortex responsible for moving you into action.So the more motivated, happy and confident you feel, the more you get sh*t done.It's the sign of a healthy relationship when both parties think of each other as "baby."In a piece from Scientific American called "Why We Use Pet Names In Relationships," author Elizabeth Landau found multiple sources (and there aren't many out there) proving that pet names are the sign of a healthy relationship.Pepper Schwartz, professor of sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle and co-author of the book "The Normal Bar," which collected data from 100,000 random couples all over the country, 76 percent of couples that reported to be in a happy relationship also had nicknames for each other.

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Women who are feeling loved, adored and taken care of are more motivated to go out and create not just meaningful relationships, but meaningful work.

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