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The Spring Brook Works, a major finishing factory, also lay at Spring Brook just off Nordens Road.

The extensive Chadderton Cemetery, which opened in 1857, lies in close vicinity at Spring Brook. In 1914 the branch railway line (now defunct) to Chadderton Coal and Mineral Yard opened necessitating the realignment of Hunt Lane so as to enter Middleton Road further west. This confuses people to this day with the Hunt Lane Chippy and the Hunt Lane Tavern no longer being adjacent to the lane of that name.Educational institutions include Oldham College and University Campus, Oldham, a partnership between Oldham College and the University of Huddersfield.Oldham is the home of several theatres, most notably Oldham Coliseum, which dates to 1885 and is among the longest-operating theatres in . Moreover, Oldham contains a bevy of parks and green spaces, including the Moston Brook Green Corridor, the Leesbrook Nature Park, and Glodwick Lows Local Nature Reserve.Some of them might be just looking for a dating experience, while others are trying to find a long-term partner.Increasingly these people are turning to online dating sites to try and find their ‘special person.

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